Made in USA since 1965
Our business is certified to ISO standards

Parris Tool and Die has been providing quality tooling to customers in Southeastern United States since 1965. We have continually upgraded our technology to better serve our customers and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We now have 35,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space available for our customers. Through the years, we have learned to blend the craftsmanship of skilled diemakers with the latest 3-D Cad design and high speed CNC machining. This blend assures our customers of receiving high quality, capable tooling.
Our designs fit the customer's need to produce with the most economical process possible and to ensure quality products. The designs could include progressive dies, transfer dies or single hit dies. Tooling designs can be with steel dies, cast dies or a combination of these. Whatever best fits the customer's needs and specifications.

Parris Tool & Die is located 18 miles north of Nashville, TN, which is within six hours driving time from 80% of US manufacturing.